This is the long list of movies Dave has. Click on a column to sort by that column. Note that javascript must be enabled for this page to show anything interesting, since this is mostly dynamic HTML, generated in javascript. Also, note that Japanese releases generally have transliterated titles (exceptions being where the japanese title had transliterated english in them; in those cases, the real English is shown). US releases of foreign titles have the English titles on them. Hong Kong releases are listed by English title (since they are invariably released with an English title). Also note that foreign movies bought in English release are listed by the title used in the release.

Some titles are listed twice, particularly where there are noticeable differences between the two versions. In at least one case, though, one of the differences is in name, so it is less than obvious that "Leon" and "The Professional" are different cuts of the same movie. Likewise, movies where I have english and, say, japanese releases of the same movie will not necessarily show up together, so it might again be not so obvious that "Majo no Takkyuubin" and "Kiki's Delivery Service" are the same (though it might not be such a stretch to realize that Porco Rosso and Kurenai no Buta are identical).

It should also not necessarily be assumed that, because a title is listed, I like it. Although that's certainly the case for the vast majority (and, I believe, every title listed more than once), there are titles I bought, unwatched, and later regretted buying. It is also true that there are, sadly, several titles I have not yet watched.

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Note: The country listing is by country of release, not country of origin. Also, USA & HK releases all have english subtitles (when they aren't in English to begin with).